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Outcomes / Downloads

Reached impact on youth:

  • The children/pupils with disabilities from remote areas that are in danger of exclusion have benefit from pedagogical measures that have been adjusted to their needs and requirements, thus we have increased their successful integration in mainstream education, which also heightened their chances to succeed in life.
  • The mainstream schools implemented the martial arts trainings into their sports curriculum.
  • National umbrella associations for teachers, school, special and inclusive education, etc. offer MAINCLUSION outcomes to their staff using the manuals and handbooks.

Intellectual outputs:

The main outputs of the project are:

  • IO1 Case studies (audio, video, text)
  • IO2 MAINCLUSION curriculum and “Train the trainers” handbook
  • IO3 (Online/Mobile) course/training material
  • IO4 Online peer support and training portal platform
  • IO5 Set of interactive training videos
  • IO6 Mobile training app with individual learning path

IO1: Case studies (audio, video, text)


  • Collection of vast set of case studies in a variety of format (audio, video, text) from BG, BE, TR, GR – more than 100 in total – which acts as a library with good/best practices, offering a detailed insight on the influence of the martial arts on the competences and skills of disadvantaged youth
  • Focus was especially on sports teachers that support students with disabilities or from other disadvantaged groups.

IO2: MAINCLUSION curriculum and “Train the trainers” handbook


  • The curriculum incorporates contemporary inclusive training approaches and life experience throughout the videos as well as practical demonstrations for effective teaching of MA within the mainstream educational settings. Therefor the curriculum is intended to be easily blendable with the existing training programs.
  • The following Modules were determined: History of Martial Arts, Benefits Of MA, Suggestions for applications in treatment, Teach beginning level techniques of selected MA, Readiness to apply MA towards inclusion, Training Videos.
  • It provides guideline to teachers and coaches at schools how to deliver the course which is very important to ensure the sustainability and exploitation of the output during and beyond the project lifetime.

IO3: (Online/Mobile) course/training material


  • IO3 has upgraded the innovative MAINCLUSION curriculum through development of course material and associated training content following the positive approach as propagated by Evangelos Vlachos.
  • The training materials were made available online using alternative but complimenting each other e-learning tools and channels such as SCORM compliant e-system and interactive mobile application. In addition conventional printed copies was made available.
  • The training materials were created by the respected competent partners and were updated and improved over the course of the project using the feedback and recommendations by physical activity teachers and Martial arts trainers who were actively involved in iterative piloting and testing.

IO4: Online peer support and training portal platform


  • This output has delivered integrated open source software based on Moodle, which enables the fully functioning e- learning platform.
  • Both the online portal and mobile app (IO6) are integrated so that the content within the mobile application is managed also via the online platform, ensuring swift content customisation and update of the mobile app.

IO5: Set of interactive training videos


  • The interactive online training videos feature clickable objects and links that made the training more perceivable and engaging.
  • They stand out from other forms of multimedia by putting the learner into the “driver’s seat”.
  • Every user has got the opportunity to choose their next move and access online training content that is relevant to them.
  • Instead of merely watching an online presentation, during the pilot phase of the project learners were able to pick their own personal path and meet specific learning objectives they have needed.

IO6: Mobile training app with individual learning path (Google Play link)


  • The MAINCLUSION mobile app has gathered the outcomes of all other project intellectual outputs and thus allows immediate access to the training materials and other interactive resources.
  • The app allows mobile training whereby trainees are able to contribute themselves to the training course with case studies, and upon admin approval -to use them as training material, as well as to share it with other physical activity teachers and interested parties.

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