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Martial Arts as tool towards inclusion – Athens event

On 6th of March 2019  in Athens, Greece , Penthesileia Association organised the Multiplier event of the European Project “Martial Arts as tool  towards inclusion “ under the framework of EU and European Commission. The event took place in the Municipality of Helliko-Argyroupolis south of Athens where many schools of special education are located . People from our target groups where really interesting to join the event as well teachers of physical activities. In this event  participated our partners from the following countries Bulgaria , Belgium , Turkey and Greece.

After welcoming all participants to the event Penthesileia representatives continued presenting the project. Specifically they presented to the participants the project its goals and its outcomes, case studies around martial arts and persons with disabilities, electronic and mobile learning  content of the project and how to access it and also presented the video training module.

Our Partners from Belgium and Bulgaria, Mr Karel Van Isacker and Mrs Petya Grudeva presented the benefits of martial arts to all people especially to persons with disability.  The aspect of how martial arts Can contribute to the inclus

The agenda of the event included presentation of honourable martial arts teachers who referred to martial arts techniques and presented techniques for persons with disabilities, women and elderly and.

Specific, Master. George Zantiotis (7 Ju Jitsu Expert, 1 Krav Maga, Ju Jitsu national Trainer) presented the benefits that these persons with disabilities gain from such exercise of body and mind in   physical, psychological and social levels. The long years’ experience of Master Zantiotis on training persons with disabilities, and his recent major contribution to the coordination of the first Pan-Hellenic Championship, para Ju Jitsu, are very important in field and have been recognised as valuable impact on social inclusion for these vulnerable groups. 

Master Vangelis Thanos (8 Dan Taekwondo, 7 Dan Hapkido) talked to us about the benefits of Martial Arts in life as a conscious choice of constantly trying to improve yourself physically and mentally. martial arts and the enormous benefits for everyone and more benefits to vulnerable social groups. Master Vangelis Thanos  demonstrated simple but effective techniques that everyone can follow and emphasized on the importance of learning the correct placement of our body against the eventual fall, in order to significantly reduce the possibility of injury.

Last but with much more time available for clarifications and demonstrating techniques, Master Stanislav Bagalev (Bulgaria – Sifu 5th grade at WingTsun) presented us many of the techniques for visually impaired people, self-defence techniques in wheelchairs and techniques for women (self-defence in an attempted rape, strangulation, etc.). Master Stanislav is the major contributor to this Inclusive Martial Arts Project. His contribution apart from the theoretical knowledge and sources which became many parts of e-learning course material for this project was also practical. With detailed and accurate video techniques that were recorded especially for this project Master Stanislav provided to all of us a simple but effective training for persons with disabilities and women.

The techniques the teacher presented during the demonstration are available  on the following link on the web (

The event was organized for Greece by Penthesileia with the support of e-Compass.

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