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Eleventh workshop

On 24 April 2019 we have organized the eleventh workshop with students from the 6th and 7th grades of “Otets Paisii” Secondary School in the village of Iskra, Parvomay municipality, Plovdiv region.

Mrs. Ikimova presented the project – the objectives, the tasks and the outcomes. She invited all attendees to take part in the workshop, which was to be demonstrated by students who train different Martial Arts.

George introduced Shinkiokushin kai. He explained the three peculiarities – Kihon, Kata and Kumite. Then they worked out kicks and blocks together.

Gergana showed them Taekwondo – she explained when it was created and who had created it. She also told the students about the meaning of that Martial Art. Gergana showed some basic strikes, repeating them ten times each together with the participants.

Alexandra showed Kickboxing – she explained where it came from, what it was used for, what situations in, and so on. She assured everyone that they can train it. She showed the students two exercises, demonstrating how and where to put their hands and feet. She made them stand in pairs and invited a boy from the participants to demonstrate the exercise together. The other participants had to repeat it.

At the beginning, all the students stood and listened, nobody was doing the exercises. All of the teachers had to ask the students several times to do the exercises, including their teacher of Physical Education and Sport, and then all the children started participating in the training. We also faced the fact that some of the children hadn’t heard about the Martial Arts as a type of sport.

The workshop lasted for 40 minutes and the participants didn’t want to say Good Bye to their “coaches”. They wanted more and more, and that could only please us, because what greater proof that the objectives of the project were achieved. All of them did the training, and the disabilities and the ethnic origin remained in the background.

The workshop was organized by Mrs. Ikimova and Mrs. Grudeva as the 11th workshop within the project. Mr. Kurtev, the headmaster of “St. Paisii Hilendarski” Secondary School, Plovdiv, Mrs. Mladenova and Mrs. Bliznakova – teachers in the same school, Mr. Hubinov – a teacher of Physical Education and Sport in the village school, Ms. Churchulieva – the school headmaster and also other teachers attended the workshop.

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