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Third workshop

On 12 March 2018 we conducted the next workshop within Mainclusion project, fulfilling the wish of one of the children participating in the previous workshop declaring willingness to make a demonstration of the martial art Kyokushinkai with his brother in front of students of “St. Paisii Hilendarski” Secondary School.

They told them about the creator, Masutatsu Oyama – 10-th dan, for whom people say is “a legend of his time”. The two brothers acquainted the students with the different types of stands, eg. Heisoku Dachi, Musuti Dachi, Heiko Dachi, Shizen Dachi, Sanchin Dachi and others, as well as with the basic techniques: Seiken Chudan Tsuki, Seiken Jodan Tsuki, Hidza Geri, Ken Geri, Mal Geri and Mavashi Geri.

Among the attendees were pupils with visual impairments, one of them with lower limb impairment and two schoolgirls with chronic illnesses. At first all the pupils listened carefully to the explanations, and when the demonstrations started, all the participants were involved with such a desire and willingness that the children with disabilities in no way could be separated or spoted among the others. Even we could point out that the child with physical disability put so much strength and enthusiasm, as if he wanted to do the exercise by all means. And luckily he succeeded!

During this training we would say that all the participants had fun and the disabilities were in the background. That way, in fact we saw that the objectives of “Mainclusion” project continue to be realized in the school’s gymnasium. Moreover, the children declared their desire that we should put a timetable for another workshops so that they could take part in them.

The meeting was organized by Mrs. Nina Grudeva and Mrs. Silva Ikimova as a third workshop within the project to raise students’ awareness of the benefits of martial arts training.

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