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Second workshop

On 4 January 2018 we invited Diyan Nikolov to show the ancient martial art Capoeira to pupils from “St. Paisii Hilendarski” Secondary School.

Diyan told them that it is a Brazilian martial art created by the slaves long time ago. They created it to be played with music and the main instruments involved in it are berinbalo, tabaki and pandeiro.

The main movement which is the first thing to be done is called jinga.

To purify their thoughts, the slaves went around a tree which was 1000 years old.

Among the participants was a girl with visual disturbance who, for our surprise, after Diyan`s explanations came closer to him and began to perform the movements which were shown with a great desire and accuracy. In the next moment she started inviting her classmates to perform “Capoeira” together.

The children had fun and the disability stayed in the background. So, actually we saw that the aims of “Mainclusion” project were implemented in the gym of the school. Something more – one of the children had a wish to conduct a demonstration of a martial art, thus to become the next small participant in the project.

The meeting was organized by mrs. Nina Grudeva and mrs. Silva Ikimova as a second workshop within the project, aiming increasing the awareness of the pupils about the benefits of training Martial Arts.

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