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First workshop

On the 14th of November 2017 the students from 3a class at Secondary School ‘’St. Paisii Hilendarski’’ Plovdiv, a partner in project N: 2017- BG01- KA201- 036353 met George Atanasov, a student from 8a grade from the same school, who is a winner of many competitions in the Japanese sport ‘’Shinkyokushinkai’’.

The meeting was organized by Mrs. Nina Grudeva and Mrs. Silvia Ikimova,as a first workshop within the project.

At the meeting the students were briefly acquainted with the main features of this sport and most of all we emphasized on how to use it for self-defense. They also learnt about the different belts and techniques. Students were shown different techniques and they also had the chance to try them, for example they counted up to 10 and learnt that the front hand is used to stop the opponent and so on.

That so-called training showed us that the students accept that kind of sport with a great interest. We observed a child who is hyperactive, performing the shown techniques with a great desire, interest and preciseness. Another child with disabilities first was just looking and at a certain point began to laugh and to repeat the shown techniques – of course there was a lack of preciseness in his performance. It seemed like he was doing it rather for fun but that was the first meeting. We have planned more similar meetings in the future in order to increase the awareness of the students about the benefits of training martial arts.

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